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Become A Reseller

Access Reseller Dashboard
Logs Access: Orders, Credits
API Access: GsmHub, DHRU, GSMTool, PHP,…
Addfund minimum of $1000

Resellers Sales System

In the following, you can read about how and where you can make a purchase, how you can join our reseller network, and all the important information you need know to be clear about what factors can contribute to your exclusion from the network.

If you want to become a Reseller, you’re at the right place, as you can find all the necessary information about it on this page.

Reseller: Resellers are “users” who buy large amounts of credits and resell them to end users with a price and enjoy a fixed profit set by us.

If you want to become a reseller, you have to deposit (add fund) a minimum of 1000 USD in your account balance, after that you use this money to buy credits at the set price for Reseller. There is no maximum, but the same lowest limit applies to every subsequent purchase, not just the first purchase you make. Credits are non-refundable.

Price for Reseller

⁃ iPhone 5s: $ 23 Usd
⁃ iPhone 6 / 6 Plus: $ 28 Usd
⁃ iPhone 5Se/ 6S / 6S Plus: $ 33Usd
⁃ iPhone 7 / 7 Plus: $ 43 Usd
⁃ iPhone 8 / 8 Plus: $ 53 Usd
⁃ iPhone X : $ 63 Usd
⁃ iPads: $ 43 Usd

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