First Look! How to Share WiFi Password from Mac to iPhone?


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If you are looking for a solution of how to share Wi-Fi password from Mac, then you are just at the right place because we will discuss it in the details how to connect Wi-Fi password from Mac to other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password from Mac to iPhone?

Now if you are running out of data or have a slow internet connection and want to connect it with some other local Wi-Fi network, but you didn’t know its password. Also, you want to share your Wi-Fi Password from Mac to iPhone, you don’t need to get worried about it anymore. You must have an Ethernet connection (Wi-Fi connected through the cable wire rather than using Wi-Fi). It is explained step by step:

Step 1: First, open “System Preference” and click “Sharing”. If you don’t see the below screen, click on the icon showing 12 dots.

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Step 2: Click the box beside the internet sharing and then select the “Ethernet sharing” beside “Share your Connection from”.

Step 3: Now below this box, Check box the “Wi-Fi” option beside “To Computer using”.

Step 4: Now it will show you some options to choose a password, you can edit your “Network Name” and “Password” which should be 8 characters. Next to the security, select “WPA 2 Personal”, and enter your password and verify it by typing it again. Then click “OK” and confirm Sharing.

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Step 5: Now click on the box beside Internet Sharing. And confirm that you want to turn on Internet sharing by clicking Start.

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Step 6: Now, unlock your iDevice and go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select the network that you just have created a password.

Step 7: Enter the password in your device and you are now good to go. Happy surfing!

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